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HolyMoor is an independent consultancy service in the fields of Hydrogeology, Environmental Geochemistry and Thermogeology (Ground Source Heat), run by David Banks, an internationally experienced Chartered Geologist.

Holymoor Consultancy offers:

·           Consultancy in hydrogeology:

·  Groundwater resources and water wells.

·  Humanitarian and emergency aid in the fields of water supply and sanitation

·           Consultancy in geochemistry:

·  Regional hydrochemistry and geochemistry.

·  Contaminated land and water.

·           Consultancy in thermogeology:

·  Software-assisted design of ground source heating schemes: open and closed loop.

·  Evaluation of thermal response tests.

·           Professional training.

·  Ground source heating and cooling.

·  Groundwater chemistry.

·  Hard-rock hydrogeology

·  Emergency groundwater provision

·  Water well design and construction

·  Contract teaching at University level.

·           Translation services from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish to English (see Index—left)


David Banks has worked extensively in the U.K. and in the Nordic, African, South American and former Soviet areas. He speaks Norwegian and a little Russian and Spanish.

David has a background in all of the major sectors of the water and environmental profession (water industry, National Rivers Authority, private consultancy, humanitarian aid, academia and geological survey). This gives him the ability to see problems from an "all round" perspective and understand the concerns of various actors in environmental issues. He also hopes that his overseas experience permits him to bring new ways of thinking to some areas of hydrogeology and geochemistry. Additionally, he has worked in the field of radioactive waste disposal, serving on a Norwegian assessment commission for low- and intermediate-level waste disposal.



In his current role as an independent consultant, David wishes to:

·           increase awareness of the possibility of using ground source heat as an energy resource, via the use of heat pumps.

·           bring good hydrogeological and geochemical practice to the forefront of environmental investigations.

·           promote hydrochemical tools as means of diagnosing hydrogeological problems.

·           emphasise the necessity of correct conceptual models in hydrogeological problem-solving.

·           bring an international perspective to the UK consultancy market, by promoting contact especially with the Nordic and East European / Russian hydrogeological and geochemical communities


David Banks is registered with the Inland Revenue as a self-employed sole trader, trading as "Holymoor Consultancy" from 1/8/98.


Christianus Sextus Cu/Zn sulphide mine, near Røros, Norway. Pyrite (iron disulphide) in the ore oxidises on exposure to water and the atmosphere, to release dissolved metals, sulphate and acid. This is the phenomenon of “acid mine drainage”, which can be seen flowing from the mine here. The hydrogeology and geochemistry of such abandoned mine environments forms a major part of Holymoor Consultancy’s workload. (Photo by Dave Banks)

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